Meet Lucy Gallagher

lucy (c)zoeknight

Lucy Gallagher is known by her fellow writers for her ability to write about beautiful things and to write beautifully about the ugly in life.

What’s your favorite genre to write? Poetry.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness? Lying in a field on a nice day in the summer, there is a slight breeze and I have good tea, a good book, good music and cats.

What trait do you most value in yourself? My chameleon-like ability to change my hair.

What trait do you most value in other writers? Honesty. I appreciate writing that is believable.

What do you do when you’re not putting words on the page? I’m spending too much time on my makeup, listening to music or crafting.

Which author(s) do you most admire? Haruki Murakami, Billy Collins, Maya Angelou, Charles Bukowski, John Steinbeck

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? “I fucking love that.” “My dude I’m telling you.”

Favorite word? Symphony.

Least favorite word? Icky.

When did you first identify yourself as a writer? I knew I was a writer when I categorized everything by descriptions and how it/they would be introduced in a book.

Why are you actively involved in Lighthouse Writers Workshop? Because if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have enough motivation to write outside of school and then I’d really be screwed.

What is your motto? Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not, okay, it’s not the end.


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