The Start

By Katy McDonald


She slid over the rooftops, as stealthy as her nickname made her sound.  Ducked under old pipes and aged vents.  In the falling darkness she shape was nothing more than an outline.  To the average person she could have been a cat or bird.  But I am not the average person and I had my orders.  I watched her slink to the glass roof top of the museum though the red sight of my riffle.

A number of things were recovered over her bag and laid them down, moved quickly and without much hesitation.  Every move had a purpose.  She gracefully slipped into the gallery. She avoided every obstacle and dogged every trap.  She was known for being the best at what she did.  

She wasted no time in finding her prize, she had her orders too and there’s no point in wasting time.  She moved swiftly, and I saw what she wanted, one of the most precious gems in the country.  The case opened without an alarm.  She took the gem into her hands.  We both held our breath for a long time.  This was what she got for a job well done.

She scaled the wall without a moment’s hesitation.  Now for my moment.  I placed my hand on the trigger and waited. This was the best part.  I longed to see the fear in her eyes when she realized the mistake she made.

She turn and looked at me but there was no fear.  “Seriously?”  She asked.   “Isn’t it a bit cold for a kid like you?”

It shocked me into looking at her unfiltered and untended for the first time.  It made her look small, and pale.  “I’ve been paid a lot to kill you.  Do you want to know why?”

She laughed.  In the face of her own mortality she through her head back and laughed like a joyfully school girl. “Oh God, no.  I think at this point there are more important things than why someone would want me dead.  I’m like you. I make enemies easily,” The wind whipped her ebony hair into her face, but she did nothing to hold it back.

“Have it your way then.”  I said with a shrug as I raised my rifle again.  “Here’s how we can do things.  You can give me the gem now and I’ll kill you or I’ll kill you now and take it off of your corpse. The question is how much trouble do you want to put me through.”

“You won’t kill me,” she said.  “Do you want to know why?”  

I didn’t answer.  

“You won’t kill me because you don’t have to.  You have your money.  You don’t have to kill me because there is no benefit.”  She gave me a cold stare.  “And that’s why you want do it.

“I have my orders.”  I said.

“Look kid.  The people you and I work for are as dumb as a rock, but you and I we can do things.  You have the skill and the tacks and I have the experience.  You need me.  You and I can go far kid.”  She responded.

I lowered my gun again.  “I’m listening.”

She grabbed my rifle before I could blink.  “Now I’ve got the upper hand.”  She took the bullets and dropped them on the ground all except one.  “Here’s what I don’t understand.  You always hit your target so why have so many bullets.”

“Never assume the outcome.”  I said.

She smiled. “See what I mean.  You’re a smart kid.  I’ll find you in a few days.”  She turned and walked away.

I stood there unsure of what to do.  “So what,” I yelled. “We’re friends now?”

She threw my gun in a large arch and it fell through the glass ceiling making numerous alarm and other security measures fly into action.  “Never assume the outcome.”  She yelled. “I looked forward to working with you.


And that’s how it started.


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