The Terrible Journey

By Cassidy Nicks

  1. Train of Thought

Train tracks rumble

As you walk across them

Searching for a hidden treasure.

A wild goose chase.

But don’t worry,

I know how you feel.

I once hunted treasure, too.

Until I realized how useless it was

Just chasing our tails

In cycles that never end.

But I know you don’t know this yet

And I don’t want to ruin your treasure hunt

But watch out for fools gold

And watch out for trains.


  1. Dance of Ideas

It’s a dance

Galloping and graceful

In my mind,

But I can never catch them

They hurtle and prance,

They move too fast.

I can never grasp

My plans and ideas

These plans and ideas,

They dance a salsa, a jig

They move so quick, too quick,

And I forever walk a waltz.


  1. Monster of the Unknown

Shadows dance

And murderers play

In alleyways dark,

And never safe.

And demons scare

With tricks and games.

It’s never safe

To be alone.

Beasts laugh

As you cower.

To be alone

Is to be afraid.

Vultures scavenge

And monsters hunt

In alleyways dark,

And never safe.


  1. Pain of Reality

The sun is laughing

As I cry out in pain

Watching from above-

Vicious chuckles that broil skin.

As I scream in agony,

As my shoulders burn,

Guffaws from the sky

As my nerves fray.

My shoulders burn

From carrying the world

Hands curled into fists.

Just another Atlas.


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