Month: March 2016

Advice for Consuming the World


by Zoe Knight

Kiss your knuckles

Before you wrap them

white tight around a pen

They will bleed before you are through

And you will forget the touch soft hands carried




As writers, artists, and just ordinary people, we are constantly on the look out for something inspiring. Something that will catch your (and our) interest and push away some of the monotony of everyday life. Here you will be able to find some reading suggestions and writing prompts that the Young Author’s Collective deems interesting and inspiring.

From Me to Me

Dear Sierra,

Wow, there’s so much to say, yet nothing at all.

I don’t have much to say to you, for I think you have always done your best. I guess maybe that it gets better, but I guess that’s irrelevant now. Because I’m already here. You already made it. It doesn’t matter because it’s over. The past. But soon this letter will become the past and the future and your opinions will change, my opinions will change. I’m assuming something will change.

I more wonder what I have to say to you, the more I actually wonder what you would have to say to me—I know you have something. You always have an opinion.

Maybe you would tell me to have more fun. At least I hope you would. I wish you would give me justification to let loose and to stop thinking. At least you could say it and I would smile a knowing smile and that would be it.

You’d probably tell me to keep on going, that I have, you have, made it this far. But I guess that’s just what I’d want you to say. To give me a push to keep going, just as we both know I will.

I wish you would tell me something snotty and blunt. Something that would make me say “Kids, man,” but I know you would never do that. (more…)