Constant Improvement

by Thalia Medrano

About Cassidy Nicks

Within her life, she was very driven toward success, to improve, to be the best, yet, like anyone, she struggled with motivation and facing hardship. So often she wished to find herself at the finish line without running the race, to have the medal mailed home to her while she kicked her feet up and put off whatever it was she had to do that night. But she was realistic. She knew this was not her reality, and however infatuated she was with a projected end result, she also valued her experiences.

She treasured the little things that life had to give, the harmonious, simple pleasures that didn’t force her to face an issue, and instead allowed her to fully enjoy all they had to offer. She valued family for this reason, the easy moments she had with them. This dedication to life offset her greater flaws. Pride was her sin, though she was not so proud that she couldn’t recognize it.

As ever, she tried to better herself, and aimed for success despite her desire to just stumble onto her desired outcome. She was nothing if not determined.


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