[Where Do You Want Me to Take Your Picture?]

by Katy Mc Donald

About Aiyana Spear

While sitting in the worst class in the world and “listening” to the world’s worst teacher Aiyana lets herself dream. Through her dreams, the world around her vanishes and a new one takes its place. She thinks of Captain American, Ironman, Ironfist, Spiderman and Nova. None of that DC nonsense mind you. They are heroes, real heroes. They have powers and can do amazing things.

Her world changes again. Now she too has a power. She can change the probability. It’s an odd power but anyone who understands numbers as Aiyana does will understand how incredible it truly is. With this power she can do anything, fly, breathe underwater, win the lottery. People would ask her “what are the chances?” and she would shrug it off with a smile.

The world changes one last time. She is now in New York City making final preparations for model UN. This is something that she does every year. Of course helping middle schoolers figure out how to make their arguments didn’t used to be the deal. But that’s okay. It gives her the opportunity to study foreign policy and that’s a real passion of hers.

Then class ends and she is jarred out of her day dreaming by the hustle and bustle of people preparing for what comes next in the day. She too packs up. Shaking her head to clear it of any remnants of her dreams. But they will be there later for her to revisit.


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