[An Open Letter to 2016.]

by Lucy Earl

Look, 2016, may I suggest that you just go home already?

I mean seriously 2016? Fear, terrorism, The Orlando shooting, Brexit, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, floods, climate change, guns, police brutality, sexism, death of idols. I mean Jesus Christ 2016 David Bowie? Alan Rickman? Gene Wilder? Mohamed Ali? Prince? Carrie Fisher? Harper Lee? Not to mention all the months that America had to suffer through for the stupid election and, of course, the results. I mean sure, 2016, you had some good days, like that satellite finally reaching Jupiter I guess? But I think the amount of fear and violence that has emerged this year sufficiently outweighs any of your minuscule accomplishments.

Photo by florriebassingbourn, Creative Commons copyright

Photo by florriebassingbourn, Creative Commons copyright

Do you think people still like you? Do you think people are saying. “You know, there were some sucky parts of 2016 but hey, I think most of it was good”? Well guess what 2016? No one is saying that. No one thinks that the good outweighs the bad, no one. Oh wow, the tiger population increased, great, congratulations, that definitely makes the fact that so many people are now afraid of losing their families or being deported from my country so much better. Yeah, the whole police brutality thing has been going on for multiple years. Yeah, sexism has still been persistent. Yeah, things like terrorist attacks happens every year, like 2015 had all those Paris attacks and that was awful but come on 2016, you really sucked.

Donald Trump, 2016. Donald Trump. You have unleashed an indescribably horrible monster that literally represents everything awful about America. And no, the scary part is not that he exists, no no, the scariest part is the fact that so many people are behind him. So many people are saying, “Yeah, I think it’s totally okay that our future president has shown blatant sexism, racism, bigotry, encourages violence, and is so poor with temperament that Twitter had to be taken away from him.”2016, you have let the fate of my country fall into the tiny hands of that idiot.

Look, I’m not here for a fight, and I’m not mad at you 2016. You are just a year. You are a year that I have lived through just like the many years I will live through. You have done enough, you have proved your point. I will move on, I am stronger because of you and now I know that I’m going to do whatever I can to clean up after your mess. But please 2016, do us all a favor and just quietly show yourself out and don’t do anything stupid on the way. I’m done. Just go.


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