[Buckets, Bubble Gum, and Feeling Lost]

by Sierra Karas

A list, not necessarily having to do with 2016, not necessarily not having to do with 2016:

o   Doldrums

o   Kangaroos

o   Molasses

o   Hard candy

o   Pickled vegetables

o   Arch de Triumph

o   Falling down stairs

o   Lethargy

o   Cake pops

o   Plastic

o   Glue gun burns

o   Vomit on a sidewalk

o   Iced streets

o   Pomegranate seeds

o   Overflowing trash bin

o   Radio singles

o   Cardboard

o   Chalk

o   Swirlies

o   Flowers growing by dumpsters

o   Internal bleeding

o   Your first burp

o   Dread of going home

o   Carrot sticks

o   Sunny cold days

o   Shoelaces

o   Getting older

o   Sweatpants

o   Loosing keys

o   Unlocked doors

o   Lying

o   Antibiotics

o   Laffy taffy

o   Broken bones

o   Getting sued

o   Old lettuce

o   Artificial flavoring

o   Group chats

o   Haircuts

o   Forgetting names

o   Terminal illness

o   Sand

o   Bean bag chairs


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