[Cassidy Nicks, 2016-17]

Cassidy Nicks rides horses.

Cassidy Nicks loves science.

Cassidy Nicks loves math.

Cassidy Nicks is a sophomore.

Cassidy Nicks writes, too!

Cassidy writes prose.

Cassidy writes short stories.

Cassidy writes horror.

Cassidy has been writing for six years.

Cassidy always writes in pen except when she forgets her hatred for pencils.

Cassidy believes pencils are dumb.

And most importantly,

Cassidy loves red pen.

Cassidy Nicks, YAC 2016-17

Cassidy Nicks, YAC 2016-17

“I write because I love red pen. It’s vibrant and glides onto the paper and is totally unacceptable in day-to-day life–except when editing. So I write to be able to edit. . . and use my red pen.” ~ Cassidy



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