[Katy McDonald, 2016-17]

Katy McDonald, YAC 2016-17

Katy McDonald, YAC 2016-17

Katy McDonald hates to write bios. No matter what it’s for, theater or this thing right here, they make her very nervous. It’s okay, though, because she knows that this path will soon be over and she can get to writing about other worlds.

She can rejoin the magical power her pen holds and visit other worlds. She writes to make the world a better place by creating somewhere for kids like her to go when things get too hard. She might sit for hours staring at her computer screen or the blank paper in front her, but these hours are worth it to allow for some light and joy to enter into the world.

Even if one sentence or word makes a difference, it’ll all be worth it. But, you might ask, what does Katy do when she is not thinking too much of her writing. Well, she might answer, tries to stop people from drowning or stress about being a senior, gosh, give her a break, man, she’s just trying to have a bright spot in her life, other than being center stage in the spotlight. She’s just a kid, cut her some slack, some self-confidence is why the girl is passionate about something is good.



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