[Lucy Earl, 2016-17]

Lucy Earl is a young adolescent who is sort of in 9th grade. She likes to write realistic(ish) fiction that is “sometimes sarcastic and other times not so much” but every now and then, she’ll write some poetry because it is “also okay I guess”. She doesn’t like to share her writing accomplishments for fear of bragging, but has been recognized for several screenplays she wrote even though it’s not really her “thing”. She feels she is too young to determine her future and therefore hasn’t decided on her goals and aspirations because she is only fourteen and has trouble making decisions that will greatly affect her. She only writes in pencil, dislikes writing about herself in third person because she feels it is ignorant and self-centered, two things she secretly fears is true about herself, and also happens to have opposable thumbs. (Who knew?)

Lucy Earl, YAC 2016-17

Lucy Earl, YAC 2016-17

“I write because I just have to.” ~ Lucy



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