[Madison L. Hart, 2016-17]

Madison L. Hart, YAC 2016-17

Madison L. Hart, YAC 2016-17

As a nine-year-old little girl, Madison Hart never imagined how far her imagination could take her. The feeling of achievement and pride when her and her friends acted out her Thanksgiving play was one she clung to.

Now a junior in high school, sixteen-and-a-half-year-old Madison has larger aspirations. One day she hopes to receive a Newbery Medal for one of her books. But, for now, she enjoys writing meaningful fiction and poetry. Whenever she writes a story, one of the first things she does is pick out names, looking up meanings and creating personalities from there. Despite her passion for writing, she would also like to major in Ecology or Wildlife Conservation in college. She looks forward to what’s over the next hill, waiting to see where imagination meets destiny.

“I love to write because I’m a lover of words. I write to meet new people and travel new places. I write because I know the Lord has called me to do so, and I seek to bring Him glory–not myself.” ~ Madison



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