[Sierra Karas , 2016-17]

Sierra Karas, YAC 2016-17

Sierra Karas, YAC 2016-17

Sierra Karas is 17, although when you meet her, you will assume she is much older. But that’s the thing about Sierra, she makes you question your assumptions until everything you thought was true isn’t. Until you realize that very few people are referring to true truth anyway. So get ready for a person who will defy expectations as she can be the philosopher, the sarcastic pessimist, the do-gooder, the nerd, and so much more within the hour.

To the many people who have not had the chance to explore their consciousness and who believe people fit in boxes, Sierra is your worst nightmare and your greatest dream, for you realize that she is both everything and nothing you think her to be. But that’s okay, Sierra knows not everyone thinks like her. She is content and overjoyed to craft her life as her ultimate masterpiece. Because, at heart, she is an artist and a reader and a writer and a learner and a maverick. Sierra writes to ask questions; Sierra writes to answer questions. When reading her work, Sierra wants you to open your mind and open your eyes and see all you haven’t seen before.



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