[Cassidy Nicks 2017-18]

Cassidy Nicks likes to write all sorts of fun stuff and has been a YAC member for 3 years. If writing were not an option, then cooking would be the most logical creative outlet for her.

Cassidy Answers the YAC Peculiar Questionnaire

  1. Describe the most embarrassing picture of you as a baby that your parents use to blackmail you. Naked in Dad’s cowboy boots (with car keys)
  2. What is your third least favorite color and what number do you associate with it? Light, faded mint green –  12
  3. What’s your favorite mythical creature? Mythical creatures all suck because they are the biggest let down in history.  Saddest lie of all time =  lack of griffons
  4. What is the current bane of your existence? Too much homework
  5. What’s the most extreme action literature has ever provoked you to do? Repetively reading a deeply traumatizing book because it was so good.
  6. What game show would you want to be on? Why? Amazing Race – to travel
  7. If you were a parrot, which Eastern European country would you travel to and why? I wouldn’t because I’d be too lazy. I’d probably be someone’s pet to be honest. Oh well.
  8. Who is your B-list celebrity crush? (Famous but not that famous.) Please, as IF I’d have anyone  other than an A-Lister. No, just kidding – I don’t know any B-List celebrities off the top of my head, though.
  9. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “Everyone suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues.” What’s yours? Fortitude
  10. What is your favorite Cards Against Humanity card? Okay, if you’re not familiar with Cards Against Humanity, answer this. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you hate whales? Assuming this is sinusoidal scale where odd numbers are minimums and evens are maximums, in the interval [1-10], I am probably a 13 because I do not give many darns.
  11. If you were indicted tomorrow, what would the charges be? Public indecency or something because I’d forget to put on pants or something, and resisting arrest because I’m confused and then probably contempt in court because I’m too sarcastic.
  12. Please provide a weird stock photo that describes you personally.

stock photo_cassidy


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