Author Bio

[Adam Dorsheimer, 2016-17]

Adam Dorsheimer, YAC 2016-17

Adam Dorsheimer, YAC 2016-17

Adam Dorsheimer is a 10th grader at Colorado Academy. His writing style has been described as a dark commentary on human nature. He won a school writing competition and traveled to Oklahoma University to be a guest at the Newstadt Award Ceremony, and he aspires to someday work as both a writer and editor. When he is not writing, Adam can be found singing in his school’s men’s chorus and playing guitar in his band.

“Writing gives me a purpose, a meaning; that’s why I write.” ~ Adam


[Aiyana Spear, 2016-17]

Aiyana Spear, YAC 2016-17

Aiyana Spear, YAC 2016-17

Aiyana Spear grew up going to a variety of schools, including an art school, a science school, a farm school, and, finally, an all girls athletic school (GALS), which is the one she has been going to and loving for the past three years. She is in that period of high school where there’s nonstop stress (11th grade and multiple AP classes). And yet, she still finds time every week to go to Young Authors Collective (YAC) and write numerous hybrid pieces (because she doesn’t have to follow any rules). Aiyana’s love of math bleeds into her writing, where she combines that love with her love of words and stories.

“I write because writing heals me, because I find joy with just a pen, paper, and me.” ~ Aiyana

[Cassidy Nicks, 2016-17]

Cassidy Nicks rides horses.

Cassidy Nicks loves science.

Cassidy Nicks loves math.

Cassidy Nicks is a sophomore.

Cassidy Nicks writes, too!

Cassidy writes prose.

Cassidy writes short stories.

Cassidy writes horror.

Cassidy has been writing for six years.

Cassidy always writes in pen except when she forgets her hatred for pencils.

Cassidy believes pencils are dumb.

And most importantly,

Cassidy loves red pen.

Cassidy Nicks, YAC 2016-17

Cassidy Nicks, YAC 2016-17

“I write because I love red pen. It’s vibrant and glides onto the paper and is totally unacceptable in day-to-day life–except when editing. So I write to be able to edit. . . and use my red pen.” ~ Cassidy

[Christian Wilson, 2016-17]

Christian Wilson, YAC 2016-17

Christian Wilson, YAC 2016-17

Christian Wilson is a smooth criminal. Like an anthropomorphic sea anemone in the backseat of a Hummer limousine. Shoot, that’s one looney tune. Daffy Duck is muddled up with a dose of sleep deprivation. Too many groggy mornings where the mind is glued to the ceiling, the lockers, and the tile floors of East High School with inescapable tendons. Empty hands relax despite a swordfight with the tenth grade, a sophomore term in office with inverse tenure. The objective is to survive. To trudge through the capillaries of maturity, which clings and pulls like magnetic molasses to the bipolar reality of young versus old. To write is an all day slamathon with a make-believe gorilla.

It’s cranking a value in the engine room of a submarine until an eruption of steam fills the space. It’s a helicopter ride with the guy who invented helicopters. A jungle gym in the actual jungle. A highway to heaven in a hellhole, an escape into the mystical world of other people’s minds. When pressure builds on synaptic force fields, words bleed from burst cardiac walls, filling swimming pools with the after-birth of storytelling. It’s the conception of the new universes to conceptualize the dark corners of the one we live in.

It’s life.

[Ellen Huggins, 2016-17]

Ellen Huggins & beloved pup, YAC 2016-17

Ellen Huggins & beloved pup, YAC 2016-17

Ellen Huggins is a seventeen-year-old senior at Littleton High School. Her favorite type of writing is sometimes comedic personal essays. As she gets older, she wants to continue to explore and complicate her relationship with different styles and forms of writing. Even though she always listens to music whenever she writes, she can only write well when it’s completely quiet, and only when she is in the zone. Ellen is also passionate about collage and Simon & Garfunkel is her favorite band to listen to, whenever.

“I write because it’s the only way I know how to document my day to day and writing down my observations makes them feel more important.” ~ Ellen

[Abigail Munson, 2016-17]

Abigail Munson, YAC 2016-17

Abigail Munson, YAC 2016-17

Abigail Munson is a seventeen-year-old who likes to write poetry, personal narratives, and anything that decides to dislodge itself from that sticky gum brain of hers. One time, she high-fived Eugene Hütz from Gogol Bordello while he was crowd surfing on a huge drum and she thought it was pretty cool.

She over-uses commas to a narcotic extreme and has never heard of a period, she also thinks run-on sentences have an unrecognized beauty to them. She also can’t write on the bus, she’s tried, so every week she spends two hours on the bus watching the world through smudged plexiglass wondering how many sticky-fingered babies have left their mark indefinitely on the window of the 44 bus. Abigail loves to ramble and go nowhere in as many words as possible.

I write for a haven
I write for a heaven
I write for chunky, (heavenly) sentences
that rupture and fracture
I write for words you eat at
the dining room table
I write for a constellation
prize that sweats into the creases
of my palm
I write to appreciate reading the works
Of Karl Marx on the toilet
I write for holiness
I write for hollowness
I write for my mother’s warm
hand on my lower back
I write for remembering that
absolute slaughter of familiarity
I write for breaking all the
I write for distance
I write for never being able
to dislodge the boulder
that lives in my throat— It doesn’t pay rent.
I write to understand why Percy Shelley’s heart
Didn’t burn
I write to love my ego
I write to remember his eyes like God,
The Radio, and his electric brain makeup
I write to respect what
dissolves, that you can never get back.
I write to long and never stop

[Lucy Earl, 2016-17]

Lucy Earl is a young adolescent who is sort of in 9th grade. She likes to write realistic(ish) fiction that is “sometimes sarcastic and other times not so much” but every now and then, she’ll write some poetry because it is “also okay I guess”. She doesn’t like to share her writing accomplishments for fear of bragging, but has been recognized for several screenplays she wrote even though it’s not really her “thing”. She feels she is too young to determine her future and therefore hasn’t decided on her goals and aspirations because she is only fourteen and has trouble making decisions that will greatly affect her. She only writes in pencil, dislikes writing about herself in third person because she feels it is ignorant and self-centered, two things she secretly fears is true about herself, and also happens to have opposable thumbs. (Who knew?)

Lucy Earl, YAC 2016-17

Lucy Earl, YAC 2016-17

“I write because I just have to.” ~ Lucy

[Katy McDonald, 2016-17]

Katy McDonald, YAC 2016-17

Katy McDonald, YAC 2016-17

Katy McDonald hates to write bios. No matter what it’s for, theater or this thing right here, they make her very nervous. It’s okay, though, because she knows that this path will soon be over and she can get to writing about other worlds.

She can rejoin the magical power her pen holds and visit other worlds. She writes to make the world a better place by creating somewhere for kids like her to go when things get too hard. She might sit for hours staring at her computer screen or the blank paper in front her, but these hours are worth it to allow for some light and joy to enter into the world.

Even if one sentence or word makes a difference, it’ll all be worth it. But, you might ask, what does Katy do when she is not thinking too much of her writing. Well, she might answer, tries to stop people from drowning or stress about being a senior, gosh, give her a break, man, she’s just trying to have a bright spot in her life, other than being center stage in the spotlight. She’s just a kid, cut her some slack, some self-confidence is why the girl is passionate about something is good.

[Madeline S. Dean, 2016-17]

Madeline S. Dean, YAC 2016-17

Madeline S. Dean, YAC 2016-17

Madeline S. Dean is a sixteen-year-old junior who goes to the Stapleton Campus of the Denver School of Science and Technology and, yes, she partially likes to write that out because it seems absurdly long on paper. She likes to write a lot of plot and suspense with an occasional dash of humor.

True to the form of her school she also likes to write a lot of science fiction, especially dystopia, which is more to-school-true than it sounds. She mostly writes short stories, thought she had a poem published once and is not sure how, and also tied for first place in a school essay contest and has not, much to her dismay, read the other writer’s essay. She would mostly like to keep writing, no matter what her future career is, and want to finish all of the stories she is currently writing. This is a lot harder than it sounds because she has a habit of not knowing how long her stories are going to be. Outside of this, Madeline enjoys traveling and has traveled extensively around the globe.

“I write because I think it’s profound that I can take what’s in my head and share it with others.” ~ Madeline

[Madison L. Hart, 2016-17]

Madison L. Hart, YAC 2016-17

Madison L. Hart, YAC 2016-17

As a nine-year-old little girl, Madison Hart never imagined how far her imagination could take her. The feeling of achievement and pride when her and her friends acted out her Thanksgiving play was one she clung to.

Now a junior in high school, sixteen-and-a-half-year-old Madison has larger aspirations. One day she hopes to receive a Newbery Medal for one of her books. But, for now, she enjoys writing meaningful fiction and poetry. Whenever she writes a story, one of the first things she does is pick out names, looking up meanings and creating personalities from there. Despite her passion for writing, she would also like to major in Ecology or Wildlife Conservation in college. She looks forward to what’s over the next hill, waiting to see where imagination meets destiny.

“I love to write because I’m a lover of words. I write to meet new people and travel new places. I write because I know the Lord has called me to do so, and I seek to bring Him glory–not myself.” ~ Madison