Table of Beginnings

At the beginning of the semester, we were all given a prompt and told to create a polished piece. The prompt of this piece was “Beginnings.” That was it. As a result of the openness of the prompt, all the pieces are extremely diverse and unique, embodying the author’s individual take on beginnings. Please read through while pondering on the vast topic of beginning.

Lucy Gallagher – A Collection of 3 Short Poems
Madeleine Dodge – Pages
Morgan Sutton – Chapter 1 
Cassidy Nicks – The Terrible Journey
Caleb Pan – Red Envelopes
Camille Sauers – Fever
Katy McDonald – The Start
Aiyana Spear – I Feel Things in My Throat
Sierra Karas – The Circle
Morgan Marzulla – Beginnings
Caity Henderson – Not the End
Ellen Huggins – I Hate Crushes But I Like You
Bryanna Vandever – A Love Story: The Beginning, the Middle, and the Never Ending