[Get to Know Me, Get to Know You]

For the beginning of our 2016-17 YAC, we spent time getting to know each other. At first we were all given a prompt to write all the questions we ask or think about when making a character. After our lists were complete, we were split into groups of three where we asked each other our questions. Off of what we learned and our general impressions, we each wrote a piece about someone in our group. You will see that each piece shows just as much about the person being written about as the writer themselves.

*Not all pieces are an accurate representation of the person being written about

Abigail Munson- Untitled (about Lucy Earl)

Adam Dorsheimer- The Big Scene (about Katy McDonald)

Aiyana Spear- Adam, Who Smells Very Nice

Cassidy Nicks- A Psychoanalysis of Ellen Huggins

Christian Wilson- Aztec (about Madison Hart)

Ellen Huggins- Combat Boots/Cleanliness (about Thalia Medrano)

Katy McDonald- Where Do You Want Me to Take Your Picture? (about Aiyana Spear)

Lucy Earl- Dust (about Sierra Karas)

Madison Hart- Joker’s Mask (about Christian Wilson)

Sierra Karas- Who Are You? (about Abigail Munson)

Thalia Medrano- Constant Improvement (about Cassidy Nicks)