[Our Manifesto, 2016-17]

These are the voyages of the Lighthouse Writers Young Authors Collective on our one-year mission to explore strange forms, seek out new styles, and boldly go where no teenager has gone before. We’re here not only to hone our creativity but to encourage, support, and lift each other up as a fellowship of writers. We recognize and cherish the power held within words. Writing is often a solitary art, but it is the solace found in writing that brings the Lighthouse community together. When we expose our truth, we are rewriting the teenage rebellion and the world will never be the same.


Welcome: 2015-16 Guidelines & Manifesto

Thanks for visiting The [ ] Blog. Here you can meet us and check out one of our first projects: Beginnings.  We’re also sharing thoughts with our younger selves through Messages to the Past.

Our Editorial Guidelines

We wish to contribute to our community by providing writing that depicts a variety of human perspectives and experiences. This may include writing that is experimental, edgy, or dark, but we will not promote or publish any works that are offensive, stereotypical, or profane; that advance a personal agenda; or that conflict with our Manifesto.

Our Manifesto

Make no mistake: We are writers. Not young writers. Not aspiring writers. Writers. We recognize our words hold immense power, written or spoken—our voices seismic activity of what is to come. We value the virtue of vulnerability, finding a safe haven of acceptance within the Lighthouse community, unhindered by judgment. We are revolutionary; radically bleeding through pages for a better world, heretics of the generational cookie-cutter image, advocating for authenticity. We grow together in mutual empowerment, spreading our passion for the written word. Using Lighthouse as a home base, we explore and inspire the worlds around us in order to promote self-expression and understanding.